KTS InfoMate: Product Overview & Components

KTS InfoMate is a software package to remotely mange and control digital signage systems and its contents.

Basically the software system contains 2 major modules, Digital Signage Management Application ( called KTS InfoMate Client ), Digital Signage Player (called KTS InfoMate Player / Server) and optional modules like web based Content Management System (InfoMate CMS) and an Operator Interface. The system is designed in such a way that the Digital Signage Player can run in manual mode as well as automatic mode.

Figure below shows how each component of KTS InfoMate fits together in a real scenario.

Digital Signage Management Application

This module handles all the management related activities like creating the layout, adding text, picture, videos, web links, flash, PPT presentation to layouts, sending layouts to different destination machines where TV displays (Digital Signage Players) are attached, monitoring all the digital notice boards, shut down, restart of remote signage systems etc. Currently this module is available in Windows.
Digital Signage Player

This module manages signage server and signage player part. Typical functions include receive Signage contents from management Applications, Automatically download signage contents, automatic login to the system, login for a specific user, automatic service start-up, shut down server at specified time, restart application at specified times, setting local video source like web cam, Display signage contents form a specific URL, allow/deny requests form different unauthorized management stations, registration settings etc.  Currently this module is available in Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI, Android and MAC Operating Systems.
Content Management System

This web based module named InfoMate CMS manages some of the basic contents of the system and can be developed or extended based on the customer needs. Present module ships with a basic content management system with role based security access to allow/deny display of different signage contents, display different contents like text, images, video, flash etc in the same page. The CMS also ships with basic signage controlling tasks like shut down/restart signage players, set layouts, set group layouts etc.   

This module will be very useful in a distributed content environment like various departments in a university or college where the notice board updation responsibility of the respective signage’s lies with the respective departments and the signage administration responsibility is with the network administration staffs. In this scenario , the network administration team configure the signage’s so that they will give a web url in the signage layouts and whatever updating in the web site will automatically gets updated in the respective signage where this URL is referred.
Operator Interface

Operator Interface is an easy to use application that will be mainly used by Signage Operators, Event Management system operators to switch videos and contents in signage players as well as other tasks like shut down , restart of signage etc. This can also be used as an application to remotely control all Signages through PCs and Mobile phones. Currently this module is available in Windows, Linux and Android Operating Systems.

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