Outdoor Advertisement Solution

KTS Infomate Digital Signage Software can be effectively used for the purpose of outdoor advertisements ,Listed below are some of the features which are suitable for outdoor advertisements.

i.Display different ads at specified scheduled intervals :

Different ads can be displayed at different point of time using KTS InfoMate.  

Display Ads in the form of texts, images or videos.

ii. Emergency messages like traffic jam and blocks:

Display the local news and emergency messages like traffic jam and other useful messages for public.

iii.Remote updation and controlling. 

Update the contents of your adv: form a remotely located p.c or even from an android device.

 Total control of the signage device can be done from an android device like switching on or turning off the signage device.

Infomate will be able to download the video at regular time intervals accordingly whenever a net connection is available.

So check the video below to know how Infomate can be used in outdoor advertising.  

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