KTS InfoMate: Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is KTS InfoMate?

KTS InfoMate is a software package to remotely manage digital signage systems / digital notice boards and its contents.The software package is shipping with all necessary tools and technologies to remotely administer form the comfort of your PC.

2. What are main components of KTS InfoMate?

KTS InfoMate has 2 main components namely Digital Signage Management Software (called KTS InfoMate Client), A Digital Signage Player (called KTS InfoMate Server) and an optional Web Content Management System(CMS) to display the organizations contents from the Website. For more details click here.

3. What are main system requirements of KTS InfoMate?

Any PC which can run WindowsXP SP2 and above with at least 5 GB of Hard disk space, 1GHz and above processor speed , more than 1GB RAM and with a minimum display resolution 1024 X 768 . For more details click here.

4. What are the different types of contents that can be displayed in KTS InfoMate?

Currently the system supports, text, images, videos, streaming videos, web pages, web sites, RSS feeds, Flash video files, Power point files etc..

5. Can I use KTS InfoMate in Event Management ?

Yes, you can use KTS InfoMate in Event management (especially video event related functions). KTS InfoMate ships with 3 special features  (event item ,  group layout , as well as setting a layout to a specific destination) which will greatly aid in event management functions.
6. Can I split a display screen  and display different items like images , videos etc?

Yes,  you can logically split a display screen into different compartments and display different items like image, flash, videos, RSS feeds, web sites, live video stream etc.  

7. What all type of video streaming technologies are supported by this application?

This application directly supports http and rtsp based video streaming technologies. This application also indirectly support all other streaming technologies (like flash, silver light etc) that can be displayed in a web browser (like Internet Explorer)

8. Can I display video from my local camera or cable TV connected to my PC?.

Yes you can display video from Local camera or cable TV to the Signage Player. The only requirement is the camera or cable TV hardware should be DirectX technology compatible.

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