KTS InfoMate : Digital Signage Software in Police Traffic Control Rooms with Cameras

Since the public is getting smart it’s a must for the police and other departments to get smarter.

Why KTS Infomate in Police departments?

i.CCTV Monitoring systems:

Digital signage devices  can be used to configure and control different camera feeds from different locations,  Monitor junctions, other vulnerable areas with the help of KTS Infomate Digital signage Software. Create custom layouts and update it whenever necessary. For example If a new camera is added , just add one more compartment and its done.

ii.Video conferencing:

Arrange a conferencing of remotely located police officers using Infomate.

iii. Display look out notices and other important information’s that’s need to shared with public.

If you want to know more details on how KTS InfoMate Digital Signage Software will be useful for police traffic control rooms, simply fill up the form below. One of our customer representative will be in touch with you soon..

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