Hospital Information System | Surgery status display system

In this century signage devices will be an indispensable tool in medical field. KTS InfoMate Digital Signage software is not only capable of displaying information but also have features like token system display, Doctors schedule, remote doctors conferencing system etc .

Scopes of Digital signage Software in hospitals.

I. Reception:

Can be installed in hospital reception. Various  details regarding the hospital,  availability of doctors etc can be displayed

II. Remote assistance by team of doctors:

Now many treatments and surgeries are headed by doctors online .This is made possible through video conferencing. KTS Infomate is built in such a way that it also can be used for this kind of remote assistance activities. So it is a signage software system and at the same time a video conferencing tool too.

III. Different section notice board:

Individual signage devices for different departments can make the functioning of the hospital smooth. Various news and announcements regarding the specified department can be done easily using KTS InfoMate Digital Notice Board Software.

IV. Token system notice board:

Token system is a convenient method to avoid clash of patients whom are waiting to consult doctors. Token will be granted for patients and the token number will appear on digital notice board along with voice . Another main advantage of this system is the staffs appointed for the purpose of calling out the tokens can be eliminated .Thus saving a lot more human resources.

V. Direction notice boards

A major problem with hospitals with huge infrastructure is that the visitors are unaware where they are and where they need to go. This issue can be solved by signage device .By installing devices at different locations with a hospital map on it and showing a "You are Here" tag , this issue can be solved easily.

VI. Campus layout notice boards

Place a device outside the hospital and it can be used to display the whole layout of campus along with displaying various other information about the hospital.

VII. Other general information notice boards.

Digital signage Software can be installed for pharmacies , ambulance services and also for other departments in a hospital to display various important information .

VIII. Operation theater Patients Status System

Our digital signage system has provisions to display Patients status to the Bystanders and other relatives so that the information can be effectively conveyed to ones who is needed.


The main advantages in installing a digital notice board is that it can effectively convey the information to the audience as which in turn will aid in smooth functioning and will increase the Brand value of the organization .

Infomate is more accurate, it saves your time and money. So just try it out and find what all wonders KTS InfoMate Digital Signage Software can do for you.

Watch the youtube video from the link below for a brief demo.

Watch the video below on how KTS InfoMate Digital Signage Software Can be used to Display Operation Theater Patient Status 

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